Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Engagement Details

Primary Operations: India

Associated since: 2019

Service Type:
Development & implementation

Service Model: 
Managed Services

Status: On-Going

Methodology: Waterfall

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Case:

In a quest for a robust data management system, the client initiated the process for advanced data analytics. The client expects a platform to be built to gather, filter, and present the data in a common format to ease the analysis process in order to develop and deploy advanced analytical dashboards.



  • Unorganized data from multiple sources.
  • Needed critical attention on legacy as well as the newer pile of information.
  • Data security concerns.
  • Data islands.
  • Data duplication and other quality issues
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Deployment of solution which allows the data upload of various formats by the stakeholders as per the access privileges.
  • Executed ETL activities for existing data sources from uploaded data for various division i.e. demand, supply, marketing, gas, finance, PMUY, PMGKY etc.
  • Processing of data and performed various business rules to create reports.
  • Create and build BI reports.
  • Automated claim report.
  • Sanity check while data upload.
  • 20+ analytical dashboards.


Technical Environment:

  • SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Data Management software, Apache Hadoop, SAS, Excel.

Many analytical dashboards

claim report

Sanity check while data upload

Reduced time to process claims

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