Tele Communications Provider

Engagement Details

Leading Telecom, US

Associated since:
August, 2011

Service Type:
Dynamic Test Data Preparation and validation

Service Model:
Managed Services

Status: In Progress

Methodology: Agile

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Situation:

America’s supercharged delivering an advanced 4G LTE and transformative nationwide 5G network that will offer reliable connectivity for all. Customers benefit from its unmatched combination of value and quality, unwavering obsession with offering them the best possible service experience and undisputable drive for disruption that creates competition and innovation in wireless and beyond.

Key Requirements:

  • Framework development to generate unique Test Data
  • Develop tools & utilities to move files to Linux System
  • Develop utilities to login into Linux system with Root User and execute shell scripts
  • Tool Evaluation & Framework development
  • E2E execution automation of Test Data generation and validation
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Developed framework to generate Customer Data, and Employee data in the form of Feed Files
  • Developed utilities to copy Feed files from windows system to Linux system through SSH channel and to update the properties of the feed files
  • Developed utilities to login to the Linux system to execute shell scripts with Root user (Super User)
  • Database validation automation for Commission amount(Net SIM and Net Revenue)
  • Best Return On Investments(ROI) in test data automation execution vs manual execution


Technical Environment:

  • Java
  • Jenkins
  • Oracle Database, Linux
  • JIRA

Reduction in testing cycle & Data preparation time

Minimizing Manual execution and production support

Improved Test Data Quality