As a global enterprise, we at OTSI see an unbelievable prospect to drive positive transformation for all our stakeholders. By creating every characteristic of our business sustainable, we re-establish our promise to a better world. For our workforce and to the communities, we want to run our business consciously and conscientiously. In everything we do, we believe in nurturing lives!

Our efforts to make a difference have been happening at a global level. OTSI, USA Contributes every year to many associations and foundations such as the American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation, 1Million Project (Organized by former Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure), MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault), American Association of Blacks in Energy, National MS Society, etc., March of Dimes, and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society among others to make a comprehensive community impact.

In the Asia region, specifically in India, we concentrate our energies on the welfare of young children and youth by supporting them in education, healthcare, and livelihood programs. Our programs also focus on the technological advancements of the communities.

We have various channels through which we nurture and take care of the needs of society, including community outreach programs and financial contributions.

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