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At OTSI, we help our clients to capture, store, handle, and analyze valuable data, where it is generated in latency-sensitive applications when traditional centralized data processing may not be optimal.

Edge computing brings the Cloud capabilities closer to the end-device and data closer to the next point of interaction. This distributed method allows enterprises to move processes like analytics and decision-making closer to where the actual information is generated, shaped, and a response is time sensitive.

Edge computing solves IoT issues such as latency and network congestion. The high density of IoT devices, their performance requirements, and the massive volume of data they create cause network congestion. The requirement for reduced latency and a stable connection for critical IoT devices has put the network under unprecedented strain. By locating resources closer to IoT devices, the device does not have to send information all the way to a central data center to perform, thus decreasing the requisite network bandwidth, processing time, and elevating perceived function.

Data security in any network is critical to business success, hence our offering includes security updates and automated data management tools to further address distributed Edge Computing processes.



Remote Monitoring

Better Manage Energy Consumption

Predictive Maintenance

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Bring cloud capabilities to the point of interaction