The evolution of the digital world is a mega-trend that has brought a positive change and influence in almost every single industry. While the energy and utility industry initially lagged in the digital space today, it is rapidly catching up to trends, with different digital elements affecting more and more aspects of this market.

As the electricity demand increases, the need to replace aging assets and the customer expectation of better awareness drive the energy sector’s modernization and improvement throughout many parts of the world.

Compared to other sectors, the digital transformation process for the energy sector can be complicated as it touches every aspect of the industry. This affects everything from electricity generation, transmission, storage, distribution, consumption, and even managing customers.

At OTSI, we make this digital journey quick, efficient, and smooth by leveraging emerging technologies to build cost-effective solutions. We offer sophisticated solutions for generation, distribution, and demand management networks. Our offerings are robust, agile, and scalable. We deploy long-lasting and sustainable solutions built on the new pillars of IT like IoT, Analytics, and Blockchain.


Utility firms shape a country’s future and improve its citizens’ overall quality of life. For the development of industries, affordable and reliable energy plays a crucial role

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