AI/ML Powered Data Science and traditional analytical approaches contribute to business growth. Success depends on how well your data is organized and maintained continuously. To unleash the power of AI/ML-driven solutions, one might have to get data from every possible source, such as Excel Sheets, Blogs, PDFs, Social Sites, etc., through uninterrupted data pipelines. BigData Technologies are required to handle the volume and variety of data.



Versatile customer-centric solutions

Location-agnostic security-focused integration

Outcome-focused data asset building through uninterrupted pipelines

Integrating legacy into modern systems to achieve organizational goals

Senior managers monitored services delivery to avoid cost overruns



Data Modernization

Data modernization is a multi-step process of improving access to information to enable better business intelligence, ultimately to generate more revenue.  In recent years, AI/ML has evolved and has become prominent. Influence of AI/ML is motivating….

Data Modelling For Digitalization

Digitalization aims to empower the organization through digitizing most of their data assets as well as​ processes there by uncovering new opportunities that lead to increased revenue. 

Data Fabric Building

Adding a new solution that requires a centralized data store, created by migrating data from existing systems is not always possible. Developing interfaces between these systems and integrating them to present as a Single source….

AI/ML Infra Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based solution implementation can help Organizational expansion in multiple dimensions. Transforming the existing systems as per future Organizational plans that exploit AI/ML features…

Data Catalog Building

Data catalog is one of the critical assets for a digital organization. Artificial Intelligence based procedures in updating data catalogs is a modern trend and helps Organizations enjoy curated single source of truth irrespective….

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a proven way of deriving insights from the existing data sets in data warehouses. Organizations mastered in utilizing the business intelligence capabilities for business growth through better business…


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are influencing business in a big way and help Organizations to build strategies using prescriptive analytics. Model building and training using the existing data sets is a regular activity…

Cognitive Automation

OTSI offers Cognitive Automation services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing, with the assistance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and influence your business outcomes. We can contribute to …

Natural Language Processing

OTSI’s Natural language services can help design intelligent interfaces and applications for simulation of human-like interaction with machines. It is important for businesses because it helps companies gain insight into their brand …

Visual Analytics

Modern, interactive visual analytics makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources and deeply analyze the data directly within the visualization itself. Plus, AI and machine learning algorithms can offer recommendations…



Data Engineering For Success


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