The data-driven revolution is finally hitting the communications, media and entertainment industry. For decades, broadcast television and print media relied on traditional delivery channels for solvency and growth, but those channels fragmented as cable, streaming, and digital devices stole the show. Telecom connectivity has touched every aspect of our life and revolutionized the way we interact, message, shop, and bank. Being one of the most relevant and dynamic industries, it is in a state of continuous innovation. The industry is facing a major shift from running entirely on analog data and devices to becoming wholly digital companies.

Today Traditional media and entertainment businesses are struggling with digital transformation on a more dramatic scale than ever and need a forward delivery partner like OTSI. We help companies make the rapid leap into the digital world using emerging and existing technologies.

Gaming & Entertainment

The gaming industry is growing at a fast pace with the proliferation of gaming-capable devices and lower barriers to entry for low-cost alternatives. The challenge is to create compelling gaming experiences focused on the things gamers want within the distribution channels they consume. Internet, music, product, retail, and other companies continue to compete for gamers’ time and wallet share. To stay competitive, games must e tailored to individual gamer preferences, be seamlessly connected with the gamer’s environment and technologies, and be immersive enough to pull the gamer in to the experience and away from other activities. More realistic and engaging augmented virtual reality, combined with ML, could provide stunning personalized gaming and entertainment experiences to end-users. 

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