Advanced Analytics for Road Transport Authority​

Engagement Details

Primary Operations: India

Associated since: 2010

Service Type:
Application development & maintenance, product engineering, testing & automation

Service Model: 
Managed service

Status: On-going

Methodology: Agile + devOps

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Case:

The client was aiming for a citizen centric platform which can avail all driving license & registration services along with administration portals. They are expecting a system that can integrate with multiple third-party services which are auto managed according to the user specific criteria. Also, a micro service architecture to be built wherein the new functionality and the enhancement can be deployed to production in a quicker pace with an automated approach with zero downtime.


Key Objectives:
Upgrading to Azure DevOps
Performing POCs on alternate solutioning to current approach.



  • Unable to track crimes/accidents accurately.
  • Tracking and acting on financial losses is difficult and time taking.
  • Different solutions for different offices.
  • Manual process implementations are forcing inconsistencies and extended timelines.
  • Difficult to search data in case of accidents, etc.
  • Different departments having different views of same information.
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Aadhaar based verification/integration solution (Fingerprint and Retina solution) to achieve consistency.
  • Upgrade from 2-tier architecture to 3-tier architecture to ensure better modularization and future extendibility.
  • Integration between RTA and related departments along with central government to ensure automated data flow.
  • Porting data from RTA to vaahan & saarthi applications.
  • Provisioning stable, secure, reliable and auto scalable operating environment on azure cloud on SSL handshake.
  • Implementing devOps for continuous digital transformation of build, deploy, deliver and monitoring process.
  • Schedule based automatic data backup by using mongo replication with never primary and delayed slave nodes.
  • Ensuring DB high availability using multi-node replica set cluster with master and slave configuration.
  • Building centralized data repository and creating necessary MIS reports through role-based access control


Technical Environment:
The azure service that we consumed are:

  • Compute (VMs, load balancers, static IPs).
  • Security and compliance ( SSL authentications).
  • Networking (Vnet, NSG, VPN).
  • Management tools (Azure Insights, azure security center).
  • Auto scaling using ARM templates.
  • Opensource stack: git as SCM, junit and sonar for code analysis and coverage, tomcat for backend, nginx for frontend, mango DB (no SQL) as DB, maven, npm and gulp as build , elastic for search optimization, redis for in-memory caching, jenkins for CI /CD, ansible for config mgmt., nagios for monitoring.
  • Zabbix , sonarQube, nagios, ansible and terraform.
  • ARM templates to scale up and down VMs.

40 % Performance improvement.

Revenue growth in last 2 quarters.

80% happy customers.

Early detection of defects.

85 services are integrated to single platform.