BFSI - Government Health Insurer – Testing COE Establishment

Engagement Details

Health Care Insurance

Associated since:

Service Type: Application Development

Service Model:
Managed Service

Status: On-going

Methodology: Agile

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Case:

The second-largest national health plan and the national dental plan provider was focused on serving U.S. federal employees, federal retirees and their families. The customer need was to assess existing testing processes and provide recommendations and solutions to: optimize software quality, reduce defects, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency in software testing processes, recommend improvements and implement best fit automation tools.


  • Conduct a detailed review of all the testing processes and artifacts across subject areas identifying gaps and problem areas with stakeholders
  • Reduce the number of disparate automation frameworks
  • Increase Test Coverage, Reduce Testing Time, and instill  automation framework capabilities to implement QA practice in undiscovered areas
  • Assessing and optimizing existing testing processes to enhance software quality and efficiency
  • Selecting and implementing best-fit automation tools to increase test coverage and reduce testing time across all subject areas
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Defined Objectives & Assessment framework
  • Conducted Interviews with stakeholder to gather data and analyze gaps
  • Shared Recommendations and Roadmap
  • Implemented agreed recommendations
  • Evaluated tools to implement the best fit tools
  • Designed & Developed unified framework which supports multiple modules


Technical Environment:

  • Facets, Macess
  • Xamrin, SQL Server
  • .Net


  • Improved Software Quality
  • Streamlined processes and optimized resource allocation
  • Better risk management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Unified automation framework
  • 24hrs Testing
  • Continuous Improvement

Reduction in Testing Cycle Time

Integrated with CI/CD

Process Improvement

Minimizing Manual Execution