Retail Banking


Business Scope:

Banks today are undergoing tremendous change with the advent and evolution of digital technology and ever-changing customer expectations. The traditional landscape is poised to change, redefining how banking is done. This industry has opportunities: from deploying robotics and artificial intelligence to streamlining work processes to meet evolving customer needs. Stiff competition is forcing banks to make quicker decisions on loan applications during the underwriting and due diligence stages.

Existing Challenges, Solution, Benefits

Existing Challenges :

  • Increased competition amongst the retail bankers for the same customers
  • Acting fast and making quicker decisions
  • Single view of the customer across channels and products
  • Strong status quo and legacy systems

Our Solutions :

  • Effective data management and usage to analyse customer experience/needs and to look for opportunities
  • Reduction in loan origination, processing and loan administration and servicing cycle time by effectively integrating and modernizing various platforms
  • Real time, on-demand data integration and availability to obtain customer insights and to drive decisions faster
  • Developing new products and services by leveraging modern platforms and AI learning models



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