Business Insights & Advanced Analytics for Banking Sector​

Engagement Details

Primary Operations: India

Associated since: 2018 – 19

Service Type:
Application development & implementation

Service Model: 
Managed service

Status: On-going

Methodology: Agile

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Case:

Banking administration is aiming to improve business with the help of customer retention and  targeted sales by utilizing existing data assets through analytical insights. The bank would like to implement a tool to aid in quality assessment and maintenance  of completeness, consistency, timeliness and accuracy of data.


  • Insufficient information in the reports
  • Customer retention KPI is poor
  • Packaged products are not reaching the appropriate customers
  • Product designing is time consuming
  • Unable to load optimum cash in the ATM machines due to lack of sufficient KPIs
  • Cash blockage with excessive cash loading to ATMs
  • Unable to design customer specific products
  • Matching of customer to product is inefficient leading to poor targeting
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Reporting and analytics platform using SAS tools
  • Performing requirement assessment
  • implement a tool to aid in quality assessment and maintenance of completeness, consistency, timeliness and accuracy of data
  • Design solution connect to leading databases, identify, profile and validate data by cross-relating identified sources for supporting model implementation
  • Build analytical models on training data and perform advanced analytics in areas such as big data


Technical Environment:

  • SAS data management with standard data surveyor for SAP
  • SAS visual analytics (VA)
  • SAS enterprise miner
  • SAS enterprise guide

30+ analytical dashboards


Benefits from
data insights