Loan Recovery focussed Analytics on Cloud for Banking Sector

Engagement Details

Primary Operations: USA

Associated since: 2019

Service Type:
Development & implementation

Service Model: 
Managed services

Status: On-going

Methodology: Agile

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business case:

Customer is looking for cost optimization as they have various applications running on different platforms. With a focus on loan recovery improvement by maximizing the automation. Well-developed analytics platform to serve the whole organization with improved KPIs. Centralized data repository with high quality enriched data to serve as source for the analytics platform.



  • Infra structure on-premise is costing and distributed across multiple sources
  • Business expansion is influenced by the limitations of IT infra
  • Partial automation of critical activities effecting business
  • Loan recoveries are delayed by significant days leading to reduced profitability
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Moving entire analytics on to AWS cloud platform
  • Utilizing the AWS stack with data bricks for migration, cleansing, transformation etc
  • Building a data lake using batch and realtime pipelines depending on the critical KPIs CI/CD pipelines
  • Developing dashboards to provide 360o view of the loan status at various levels


Technical Environment:

Amazon athena, amazon S3, devOps, AWS lambda, amazon glue, databricks, elastic search


  • Debt collection is estimated to increase by 7% after solution implementation
  • KPIs is estimated to increase from 2300 to 4500+
  • Dashboards is estimated to increase from 10 to 18

Debt collection

KPI estimated
to increase

estimated to increase