There is one thing that never changes – A continuous change in the enterprise. This propels new business questions, applications, techniques, tools, platforms, and opportunities. Advanced analytics with AI/ML helps an organization capitalize on such new opportunities. OTSI Data Science Services offers our client’s an edge over competitors. We support our client’s data insights with skilled resources equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning frameworks. Our in-house developed accelerators and frameworks, built using open source tools and technology, help speed solution delivery at a reduced cost to you.

OTSI’s expertise in delivering advanced analytics projects helps to discover meaningful patterns in data. Our offerings cover the entire breadth of analytics processes of an organization. OTSI’s in-house accelerators help streamline, standardize and automate complex processes and provide relevant insights to capture hidden patterns in data delivering tangible benefits and creating business value.



Business Use Case Identification in the Core Application Areas of Vision, Speach, and Decision

Execute POC's and Establish the Value of AI/ML For Your Organization

Architect Advanced Analytics Solutions to Implement Data Science Projects

Unleash the power of your data