Plus Visual Basic application

Engagement Details

Primary Operations: USA

Associated since: 2017

Service Type:
Application Modernization

Service Model:
Managed Service

Status: Completed

Methodology: Agile

Scope/Challenges/Key objectives

Business Case:

Leading premium finance company, providing financial solutions to insurance agents need to automate Visual Basic application to test the functionality of the applications and aim was to improve efficiency, enhancing test coverage.


  • Needed a reliable and efficient solution to automate testing VB application
  • Automation of End-to-End test scenarios for Legacy desktop applications (VB6 application
  • Label UI object identification & validating the text
  • Regression testing was challenging due to frequent updates and changes to the application
  • Reduce the Testing Life Cycle Time
Solution, Technical Environment, Benefits

Solution / Project Engagement:

  • Evaluated various automation tools & frameworks suitable for automating VB applications
  • Hybrid – combination of open sources White automation tool used to develop test automation framework
  • Developed automation framework to identify complex objects in the UI (using OneNote OCR technique to identify and verify labels text in the objects)
  • Implemented framework and developed test scripts


Technical Environment:

  • White Automation tool, CodedUI, C#.

Reduction in Testing Life Cycle

Improved ROI

Improved Test Coverage

Minimized Manual execution