Business Scope:

Insurers increasing access to customer data, analytical tools and marketing technology is enabling outreach to customers and clear line of sight into what resonates with them driving increased written premiums. Carriers are increasingly able to quantify the pain points that cause a customer to leave and use this data to improve the customer experience improving retention.

IT costs per policy for carriers with modernized IT can be 40+ percent lower than that of companies with legacy IT systems. To realize these potential savings, it is critical to build a plan that ensures decommissioning of old systems and simplify overly complex configurations.  OTSI helps our insurance clients with these challenges and ensures success with our best practices approach to agile project planning and execution.

Existing Challenges, Solution, Benefits

Existing Challenges :

  • Getting value from digital journey and leveraging innovation
  • How to improve customer experience
  • Compete with Industry Disruptors and Modern technology

Our Solutions :

  • Make digital transformation a continuous journey
  • Use data analytics to quantify the pain points and for improving the customer experience
  • Take advantage of options that can integrate modern technology into their legacy systems while building a plan to achieve target state with effective change management



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